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Newest podcast for Global Currency Reset

November 30, 2014

Interest rates, and why savings accounts are useless.
Derivatives and bailouts - The main reason we have had so many problems.

How much to keep in the bank, and is your money safe?
Paying off debt
Direct deposit, why and how you can increase your ATM with drawl limit (see below)
Ending of QE and what it means for the stock market.
Stock market is priced in dollars, not in assets like gold.  You need to price the stock market in assets like home values, or gold.

Why I purchase silver, and what I purchase.
Do you report your silver sales (profit) or not
9/11 and bank holidays (bank closures)
My experience with the ATMs after 9/11
Withdrawl limits for your bank card (if you stuck with direct deposits)
China real estate market analysis, my discussions with visiting Chinese this month.

What do the Chinese visiting the United States see in China's future?
Ghost Cities in China, what is happening according to the Chinese?

China has all of the gold, and the United States debt (treasuries and dollars)

The problem for Saudi Arabia with the low oil prices ($75) we are experiencing.

Labor participation rate, inflation on household items by reducing package size


Dinar revaluation, call centers, who cashed out?

Dinar Revaluation Page

Next TNT Tony court date is December 15, 2014

IQD Calls is great but they don't have all of the TNT Tony calls, but nothing has changed in regards to Tony's calls.

No reset in 2014 - IMF Documents

Christine Lagarde update

High frequency trading and the flash crash

Most important things to prepare for before a reset or collapse

Currency collapse / devaluation of currencies

When prices at Walmart start doubling / China exports

Hours getting cut - people moving to part time (less than 30 hours)

Am I a Democrat or a Republican?
Ron Paul, why he didn't become President

Mortgages - Get ready to pay the interest and principal in 2015.


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global economic collapse

Breaking News From Iraq

James Madison quote If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.

Replacing elected officials with bankers, this is just the way it is.
ISIS is Al Qaeda, why is the flag the same?

Map check, Syria, Iraq, WMDs mentioned in both countries?

The people voted in Nouri Al Maliki but now the media is saying that the elected offical needs to go, sounds like Lybia?

Are we just as bad here in the United States?  Are we the police force of the world? - my new website I'm attempting to build.

 CNN: Kept saying the Syrian leader was using chemical weapons.  The leader and Russia said no, this isn't true.  What happened?

Mexican border wide open, border patrol told to stand down.

Obama stands down on attacking Syria after warning from Russia.

buying iraqi dinar online

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My long interview with Willem Middelkoop, the author of the 2014 book "The Big Reset"

Full YouTube Video:

Global Currency Reset Website Link:

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Global Currency Reset Podcast #4

July 1 2014 News Updates

US Stocks Close at Records - Economic Collapse - Michael Synder via Infowars

Argentina default coming, again, structural reforms coming?

Purchasing power in the United States going down, a lot.

Cyprus wealth confiscation coming to the United States?

Unemployment in France, all time high

Consumer prices in Japan rising highest in 30 years.  Japan debt to GDP is 250%

U.S. Debt/GDP Radio past 100%

Gold should be over $2,000 and it's really low right now.

More bank runs

$80 billion in loans in China are backed by falsified gold transactions

Questions I keep getting about dinar, dong and private exchanges.  What you really need to be concerned about.

Negative interest rates / inflation is a stealth tax

World Bank warning it's time to prepare for the next crisis.

I buy storable foods, it's important.

Why I buy gold and silver, how to buy it for your country.

Want me to call you to answer questions?  Reply to my email (after you subscribe) and rate this podcast on iTunes, you have to have iTunes installed for it to work I think.

Thanks for your support!

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HR 2847 Summary Podcast

There is more to the RV (revaluation) than just knowing rates.

Swiss Bank accounts are no longer safe!
What should the elite do? 

What should you do?

What if I don't have money in offshore accounts?

Should I renounce my citizenship?  Short answer is no by the way.

Penalty for failure to disclose.  $10,000, and that's not all!

Increase of penalty payments due when failure to disclose continues, in addition to the $10,000 listed above.

Foreign trust provisions.

What to do after the global currency reset?

Why I'm staying in the United States.

There is no such thing as a safe haven.  All governments overseas are now reporting your account balances.

Don't waste your time, focus on geo-politics, focus on what's really happening.

What you need to understand about me and how I spend my time.

Rate this podcast!  I'm choosing a select few people to personally call and thank.

Do your own research, submit your questions to me by replying to my newsletter.

My upcoming interview with Willem Middelkoop, author of the Big Reset, the interview is 40 minutes long and coming soon.

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My interview with Rich Morris, the American Contractor

Rich can be reached through his website here:

Topics of today's podcast

PM Nuri Malaki
Iraq buys 36 tons of gold, when will they receive it?
Is the gold physical or digital?
Germany wants their gold back.
Why is CBI buying so much gold?
Backing the dinar with gold.
USA Today China Media Call For De Americanized World
Will the Iraqi Dinar RV?
Unrealistic rate of $3 per dinar
Dual exchange rate (two rates)
Central Bank announces reprinted banknotes
Gurus false claim of removal of lower denomination notes
What is your opinion of the dinar gurus?
Describe making a purchase in Iraq, what bills (denominations) did you use?
Dollars versus Dinars in Iraq for daily purchases.
Huge transactions with large wads of dinars.
Some Iraqi's are stuck with dinars, dangerous situations.
The Iraqi's love US Dollars, perferred over Iraqi Dinar.
Most large purchases are made with the US dollar versus Dinars.
Mostly paper currency, some banks have credit cards.
Everything up in the air until the election results.
Infrastructure in Iraq - Water, lucky to get bottled water.
Infrastructure in Iraqi - Three hour Government Run Electricity, portable generators
How were things in 1990 before the Iraq War - must listen to this.
No running water, electricity blackouts.
You must buy water in bulk in Iraq.  You might have to walk one block one
day, four blocks the next day, it's dangerous.
3G internet
Phamaceuticals in Iraq
What can you get for a 25,000 dinar note, what is it's purchasing power.
See this menu from Iraq

Buying a burger or apple pie, don't expect change if you use US dollars, you get dinar back, not a good deal.

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JUNE 9 2014


POS Machines - Cashless society

Zimbabwe Dollar - Not being used, zeros already removed, hyperinflation, multi-currency system

Coinage in Canada and the United States, minting costs, nickel hoarding, copper in pennies.


July 1st HR Bill

TNT Tony buying fake twitter followers, proof

Where to Buy dinar and dong

My personal visits to southeast Asia

When will the reset happen?

Chinese Yuan

Gold and Silver

For more information, visit

Thanks for checking out my first podcast.

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Nick Giammarino

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